This Hugo Blog in a Vagrant Environment

Vagrant from Hashicorp is great way to abstract away from virtualization or infrastructure technology like Virtualbox, VMware, Microsoft HyperV, Cloud Providers etc. You just declare what you need and like magic everything is ready for use after some minutes. Cutting to the chase here is my setup to edit this Blog. Of course I need Vagrant installed, but this is not a problem as I use it in my everyday Job also. »

Minha Vida, Hipercolesterolemia e Família

This is an authorized translated repost of My Life. My FH. My Family. Minha Vida, Hipercolesterolemia e Família Como cada membro da minha família lida com a Hipercolesterolemia. Um post especial em comemoração ao mês da conscientização da Hipercolesterolemia Familiar (HF). Eu nunca fui a menininha da mamãe como a minha irmã. Porém existem dois momentos da minha vida onde eu e mamãe tivemos uma conexão mais forte do que qualquer outra coisa. »

12 tips about software development productivity

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and how I learned to deal with the everyday pressure to be more and more productive. For a experienced professional this may sound obvious ;) If you’re looking for an article about programming productivity and metrics like COCOMO, Function Points or Value-Based Software Engineering than you can leave now. Here is what you’re looking for. Assumption: You are a young developer and your main environment is a Unix-like computer operating system. »

Yet Another Equals x Hashcode Article

There are tons of articles about Java equals and hashcode implementation. Why another one? My first attempt: Because almost every developer uses the automatic filling of Object#equals(Object) and Object#hashCode() through their favorite IDE without truly understanding its role within the application. To make it more like a black box from JDK 7 onwards the programmer can just use the Objects utility class like this: @Override public int hashCode(){ return Objects.hash(firstName, lastName); } In an old post of this blog someone wrote several equals implementations demonstrating how useful the Objects class is, indeed. »

Who Am I?

I am a Software Engineer and former Entrepreneur with +20 years of experience. My main interests are Microservices, Java, Python, NodeJS, Cloud Computing, Distributed Applications, Descentralized Applications (dApps), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Semantic Web Technologies etc. This space is my personal collection of useful tricks and might have some good practices in Software Engineering that can be valuable for someone else. Don’t take me too serious ;) »

Leonardo Souza